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FOR ONTARIO,  BRITISH COLUMBIA, QUEBEC, NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA, GEORGIA AND NEW ORLEANS.  All postings run for THREE YEARS. Starting at just $10.00!! Is that a deal or what? 


Are you someone with property and would you like  to rent it out  as a film location? Then this site is for you. To start the process all you have to do is register, all you need is a valid email address, the whole process should take less than two minutes. Post your home or small business for just $10.00 (CAD) You'll see details on the registration page. Once your listing is up and running we will make sure it gets seen by all the right people.. Directors, Producers and location managers scouts!!

TO VIEW PROPERTIES CURRENTLY OFFERED:CLICK HERE  (if you wish to respond to ads posted you must first create an account, it takes just a few moments.. Click here for our account page).

If  you can't find a category for your property, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us  at 416 836-0710, we will create a new category just for you. You can also load a You Tube or Vemo Video at a cost of $10.00 per year. 

If you wish to list in another category such as rehearsal space, background holding or lunch room you can do so for $10.00, per category. Your listing will stay active for 3 years 

So why delay?  Register today! 


Lets us photograph and list your property for you. 

If you would like, we can come to your home or business to photograph your property, we will then create your listing for you right on the spot! In no time at all you will be up and running. For pricing  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.us or give us a call at 416 836-0710. Pricing starts at $40.00 and maxes out at $250.00. 

To get some terrific pointers about location filming Click here

To read more about All About Locations click here


Q: Why do you charge money to list properties when there are free listing services out there? 
A: Good question. We agree that free sites (like Ontario Creates) are a great places to list. But All About Locations allows you to list properties in more cities and we promote this site to film industry professionals on social media. Also, this site is part of a family of film related sites where your listings will be cross-promoted. Go to The Octopus Works.com to see all of what we offer. And hey... At just 10 bucks for a three year listing, how can you go wrong? It's not a lot of to pay to double or triple your chances of renting your property. 



Would you like to have an AllAboutLocations.com site for your city? For more info... contact us.

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