I sell banner ad space on this site:

To keep things simple, we charge a monthly fee and have just 2 types:

1.  Banners on the top of every page that are 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.   Price per banner per month is TBA.

2.  Banners on the side of every page that are 160 pixels wide by 160 pixels high.  Price per banner per moth is TBA.

To buy banner space... contact us.


Why buy banner ad space on this site?

This site is being viewed by Producers, directors, production designers...Event planners and producers and people with locations for rent.

the film and events business  need to buy other kinds of film services.  So if you sell services to those industries , our site would be a good place to advertise.

People with locations for rent is a broader demographic, but one that generally has disposable income and requires other property related services.  If your company provides goods and services to property owners, our site would be a good place to advertise.

Film Studio owners:

Contact me about having a banner ad for your facility on All About Locations. We can tailor a package just for you, which included youir banner as well as special pricing in the general listings.

Other advertising options:

While our basic rates are monthly, you may wish to pay in some other way.  Perhaps you'd like to pay by impression, or click-through.  We're open to making deals.  So feel free to contact me.

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